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Pediatric Eye Health

About Pediatric Eye Health

Due to the negligence associated with the lack of awareness on eye diseases, children may encounter health issues which may become very difficult to treat in the latter part of their lives. Many significant eye diseases occur in the early stages of life. Successful results can be achieved with early diagnosis and correct treatment.

In order to protect the eyes of children aged 0-16 years, children should undergo eye examinations:

  • At 1 year of age,
  • Before starting school,
  • Throughout school age on a regular basis.

However, in case of the following symptoms, an eye doctor specialized in children’s eye diseases (pediatric ophthalmologist) should be consulted immediately.

  • Eye misalignment (strabismus)
  • Inability to follow
  • Redness or watering in the eye
  • Shaking eyes
  • Squinting or closing one eye
  • White spots or a hazy color in the pupil which should normally be black
  • Constantly holding objects near the eye
  • Looking with the head tilted to one side
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently
  • Premature birth
  • Diagnosis of lazy eye in the family
  • Eye disorders in the family

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