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About The Retina

The retina is a layer of the eyeball lining its back wall, which consists of light-sensitive cells. Retinal diseases threaten our sight directly.


Retinal Diseases

• Hemorrhages related to diabetes and hypertension

• Retinal vein occlusions

• Retinal detachment / tears

• Yellow spot disease

• Congenital retinal diseases

• Fluid retention under the retina, retinal edema

• Foreign bodies in the eye

• Macular holes

• Vitreoretinal surface disorders

• Retinal tumors

Symptoms of Retinal Disease 

• Sudden or gradual loss of vision

• Distorted vision

• Flashes

• Eye floaters

• Curtained vision

• Temporary, short-term loss of vision

• Dark areas in the field of vision

Negative Effects of Diabetes and Hypertension on the Retina 

Diabetes and hypertension have adverse effects on all the body’s systems and their first and most important adverse effect occurs in the eyes. Dilatation of the retinal vessels and permeability impairments occur as a result of these diseases.

Treatment of Retinal Diseases at Dünyagöz 

Early diagnosis, preventive medical therapy and undelayed accurate surgical intervention is of vital importance in retinal diseases. At Dünyagöz, retinal surgeries are performed by a team which has been specially trained for intraocular microsurgeries, using a comprehensive set of instruments and devices.

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